WARNING! Things you should know BEFORE hiring a company for Rat Trapping services.

“We made a decision as a company to use this website for educational purposes. It is necessary to empower the public with the proper information so they can make informed decisions when hiring rat trappers. We are saddened by the amount of people doing it wrong or illegally.”

Ok, so you have a rat problem. You are NOT alone!


Every 24-Hour Trap Check

It is Georgia law that any traps set for rats by Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators must be checked every 24-hours. This is the most ignored law that we encounter.

It was the final straw was when we saw a coupon advertised for a Wildlife Trapper who, in in advertisement, admitted that they check the traps once a week “or so”. Clearly that is a violation.

Below is a picture of the trap check rules and a direct link to the DNR document addressing this topic.

Please Note: If the company is a licensed pest control operator regulated by the Department of Agriculture, that is different. This is regarding Wildlife Control Operators.


rat trapping laws

1.       It’s the required by our license

2.      It is the most humane thing to do.  Even snap traps have misfires or bad catches where it takes intervention on our part to put the animal out of it’s misery.  No one wants to be exposed to the unpleasantness.

3.      It makes the most out of your trapping dollars when a trapper comes in quickly and catches the Rats or Mice before they even realize what we are doing.

4.      Plus, an ineffective trap is losing you money, it needs to be rebaited, adjusted and/or possibly the rat trap moved.


1) How often do you check the traps? As a Wildlife Control Company, regulated by the Georgia DNR they must check the traps EVERY SINGLE DAY- it is the law.

2) Does the trapper have a valid “Georgia Nuisance Wildlife Control Permit”? Ask to see a copy of it and confirm that the Technician providing the service has their name on the permit.

We are providing an example of one of ours for you to see what it looks like below:

DNR Permit for rat trapping

3) Do they have General Liability Insurance? Is it valid? Ask for a copy of their “Certificate of Insurance”.

Since they are going walking on your property, in your attic or possibly on your roof there are risks involved. Make sure they are insured just in case there are any accidents. They need to be covered for YOUR protection.

4) Check out their reviews online with whatever website you feel is credible.  I always run a search for the keywords “ABC Wildlife Reviews”. This will give you all kinds of information that will help you to make an informed decision.

5) Never be afraid to ask questions. If the WCO acts annoyed by having to answer the questions… They are not the right company for you.

6) If the trapper is using snap traps (we use snap & live traps) then ask if the snap traps are exposed.  Exposed snap traps could injury small pets and small children.  Plus – inside who wants to see all that stuff?

7) Do they use POISONS!  It is imperative bait stations are set in a manner that will not result in dead rodents in your wall or attic.  It all comes down to placement.  

If you need more information, PLEASE visit our primary website at: Our Rat Trapping Page

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